Gezamenlijke communiqué Suriname en Frankrijk ontwikkelingen Marowijnerivier

Na intensieve discussies tussen Suriname en de Franse Republiek zijn partijen overeengekomen om een gezamenlijke communiqué uit te geven over de ontwikkelingen op de Marowijnerivier.

De tekst van dit Communiqué wordt thans in extenso opgenomen:

“Between the Republic of Suriname and the French Republic related to the developments on the Marowijne River
March 8th, 2019

Having regard to the excellent relations that exist between the Republic of Suriname and the French Republic in various areas such as trade, health, security, education, tourism, movement of persons and goods;

Acknowledging the continued strengthening of this relationship through various mechanisms such as the River Council and other joint working groups, including recent high-level engagements;

Emphasizing that the Marowijne River brings together many generations of people from Surinamese and French nationality as well as other nationalities, providing in their means of subsistence and other necessities of life;

Recalling the two incidents on the Marowijne River that took place on September 25th, 2018 and October 23rd, 2018, during which various goods, assets and personal belongings, used for illegal mining have been destroyed by French military personnel, with the instruction of the French Prosecutor in Cayenne;

Conscious of the third incident that occurred on February 27th, 2019, whereby gold mining materials, including mercury, were seized and destroyed in the Marowijne River island “Akoti Kampou”, with the instruction of the French Prosecutor in Cayenne, which seemingly involved two foreign nationals;

Also conscious that the three incidents were in areas covered by the Convention of 1915, which are in the framework of the current discussions, on the demarcation of the borderline in the Marowijne River, by the Government of the Republic of Suriname and the Government of the French Republic;

Aware of the economic activities, but also of illegal activities, including human trafficking and transborder crime, which are not conducive to the development of the region, including tourism, that are taking place on and around the Marowijne river;

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The Government of the Republic of Suriname and the Government of the French Republic:

Note that these incidents have caused great uncertainty regarding the borderline[1] and have resulted in an urgent need to find a durable solution through meaningful negotiations between both countries;

Further note that both Governments have had several diplomatic demarches and two rounds of technical consultations regarding the demarcation of the border and the assignment of the occurring islands, based on the Convention of 1915 between the Netherlands and France, with the aim to provide clarity regarding the borderline in the Marowijne River;

Emphasize that, based on the principle that border determination has to be agreed upon bilaterally, and taken into account article 1 of the Convention of 1915, have further agreed that both sides will show restraint in the areas under ongoing discussion, as this can disrupt peace and stability;

Recall that, because of the uncertainty of the demarcation of the border in the Marowijne River and the ensuing incidents that occur, the Government of Suriname has decided to suspend the joint patrol operation until definitive settlement of the border, to be concluded as soon as possible;

Acknowledge the need to cooperate in order to combat trans-border crime, illegal gold mining and the threat of environmentally unfriendly acts, in particular the use of mercury;

Also acknowledge the need to work together to identify concrete projects benefiting the local communities in the areas of health, agriculture, trade, tourism, education, sports, arts and culture;

Convinced that a joint approach in addressing the occurrences on the Marowijne River will work to the advancement and sustainable development of both countries and people;

The reference to a border in the Marowijne River, for the purpose of this Joint Communique, speaks to the area between the South of the island of Portal and the North of Stoelmanseiland as defined by the Convention of 1915”.